Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Al-Zarqawi was eliminated,''

Iraqi Prime Minister Says! This is good news indeed, much to the disappointment of the MSM in the U.S. I am sure. As I prepped for work this morning, CBS's 'The Early Show' had a former CIA official declaring Zarqawi 's would only increase violence against the U.S. troops in Iraq. Notice how rather than noting the significance of the event they seek to make it out to be more bad news in the war on terror. Watch for this story to make the MSM headlines for a day maybe two, then they will drum beat to death the
Haditha. incident

Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Killed in Air Raid
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the most-wanted terrorist in Iraq who waged a bloody campaign of beheadings and suicide bombings, was killed when U.S. warplanes dropped 500-pound bombs on his isolated safehouse, officials said Thursday. His death was a long-sought victory in the war in Iraq.
Al-Zarqawi and several aides, including spiritual adviser Sheik Abdul Rahman, were killed Wednesday evening in a remote area 30 miles from Baghdad in the volatile province of Diyala, just east of the provincial capital of Baqouba, officials said.
``Al-Zarqawi was eliminated,'' Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said.
At the White House, President Bush hailed the killing as ``a severe blow to al-Qaida and it is a significant victory in the war on terror.'' Read the rest.

Here are the type of stories the MSM is running this morning to downplay the significance of this event.
Father of beheaded man blames Bush, not Zarqawi
Thu Jun 8, 2006 8:56am ET
By Jon Hurdle
PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Michael Berg, whose son Nick was beheaded in Iraq in 2004, said on Thursday he felt no sense of relief at the killing of the al Qaeda leader in Iraq and blamed President Bush for his son's death.
Asked what would give him satisfaction, Berg, an anti-war activist and candidate for U.S. Congress, said, "The end of the war and getting rid of George Bush."Read the rest if you care to

I say good riddance!! This is an undated photo released in Amman, Jordan, Dec. 14, 2002, of Jordanian-born terrorist mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was expected to make an important announcement at a news conference in Baghdad on Thursday, June 8, 2006, amid a report that al-Qaida in Iraq chief al-Zarqawi may have been killed, his adviser said. (AP Photo/Petra)

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