Saturday, May 20, 2006

Posting Again!

Hello to all. I have returned to posting. I was in the hospital for a month, much longer than I had anticipated I would be. A comment in the previous post ask why I was in the hospital, rather a personal question, but maybe I will discuss it someday. Anyway am feeling well and am glad to be back. I hope I can continue posting things you enjoy.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

strunk back in the news...
Drug house burns to ground
investigators pouring over remains
From staff reports
HARTSVILLE - Authorities are investigating an overnight fire that burned a $1 million home that hid the entrance to a sophisticated underground marijuana operation.

After a raid on the Trousdale County home last year, investigators found a large underground complex with offices, a kitchen and growing rooms with about 850 plants at various stages of maturity.

Wayland Cothron, chief deputy for the Trousdale County Sheriff's Department, said the house and a neighboring home about a half mile away caught fire Tuesday night at around 11 p.m.

"Obviously it was determined to be suspicious because we had two unoccupied houses within a half mile of each other that burned at the same time," Cothron said.

Cothron said the state fire marshal's office is investigating the cause of the fires.

“We deal with arson in this business on a daily basis,” said Assistant District Attorney David Durham.

“Sometimes there is no motive. This could be an act of vandalism. It could be a conspiracy. It could be a million different things.”

Fred Strunk, 63, of Florida, was arrested last December and pleaded guilty to charges of growing marijuana, money laundering and theft.

Two other men, Brian Gibson and Greg Compton, were also arrested and charged and are serving time in connection with the crime.

Strunk was given concurrent sentences of 18 years for the drug charge and 12 years for the theft charge.

10:05 PM, December 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:48 PM, December 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am new here, just saying hello :)

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4:18 PM, January 04, 2007  

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