Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Guilty Plea in Tennessee Underground Marijuana Bust

In a follow up to a case report detailed previously on this site there has been a guilty plea in the case of the huge underground marijuana operation in Tennessee.
pictures Marijuana bust in Tennessee 5
HARTSVILLE, Tenn. -- A man charged with running a sophisticated underground marijuana operation in Middle Tennessee pleaded guilty Monday.pic Marijuana bust in Tennessee 6

Prosecutors offered Fred Strunk a deal for pleading guilty to charges of growing marijuana, money laundering and theft.
Strunk, 63, was arrested Dec. 14 in Florida after a raid on his $1 million home revealed a large underground complex with offices, a kitchen and growing rooms with about 850 plants at various stages of maturity. The home was in Dixon Springs, about 40 miles northeast of Nashville.
The plants at the time had an estimated street value of $1 million, authorities said.
Strunk was charged with theft after it was determined that he stole electric power from Tri-County Electric to power the underground lights and growing equipment. Read the whole thing
picture Marijuana Tennessee picture cave Marijuana Tennesseepicture Marijuana bust Tennessee


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