Monday, October 23, 2006

Kim Jong (Mentally) Il

I should have addressed this issue days ago, sorry if you had to go elsewhere for news of this. I have been lax in posting about current news issues but have been collecting data all the same. Kim continues to push the envelope of aggression and belligerance. Even declaring that the UN sanctions are a declaration of war. I believe he knows his days and the regimes days are numbered.

The US seems serious about putting the clamp down on NK as they are tracking a NK ship they believe is smuggling weopons.
Included in this post is testimony to the US congress about the NK gulags and the torture that occurs within them.

Kim is apparently in ill health which may explain why he is going for broke.

Kim Jong-Il in failing health,
intel specialist says

Kim Jong-Il in failing health, intel specialist says
North Korean reclusive leader Kim Jong-Il's health has further deteriorated and he can no longer walk without difficulty due to worsening diabetes, a South Korean lawmaker said.
Kim, 64, has long suffered from diabetes, kidney and liver problems and now has difficulty walking, said Chung Hyung-Keun, a longtime intelligence official now affiliated with the opposition Grand National Party.

"Kim has problems walking more than 30 meters at once and has to sit and rest [frequently]. Kim has been accompanied by an assistant with a chair," said Chung.

Chung served as an investigator for the anti-communism division of South Korea's intelligence agency throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. He is believed to have extensive intelligence sources on North Korea.

Rice: 'N Korea escalating crisis'
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has accused North Korea of wanting to escalate international tensions over its nuclear weapons programme.
She said she doubted claims that North Korean leader Kim Jong-il had agreed not to carry out a second nuclear test, or that he regretted the first.

Testimony of
Ms. Soon Ok Lee
North Korean prison camp survivor
Seoul, South Korea
June 21, 2002
Hun sik Kim was the principal of Pyongyang Light Engineering College. She was sentenced to a 5 year imprisonment for suggesting to the City Education Board that her students' labor responsibility be reduced so that they could spend more time studying.
In prison, she was assigned the work of measuring fabric to produce jackets, which were to be given as gifts to workers outside by the President on his birthday. One time, she miscalculated the imported nylon fabric but immediately corrected the error and no fabric was wasted. However, she was detained in the punishment cell for ten days for "attempting sabotage." She was crippled and partly paralyzed when she was released from the punishment cell. On a very hot summer day in August, the camp doctors burned her bottom with heated stones to see if she could feel pain. Just before she died a few weeks later, she whispered to me, with a twittered tongue and tears in her eyes, "I want to see the blue sky. You know my children are waiting for me."
When she was released from the punishment cell, she needed two prisoners to help her walk to the work site and back. The camp officials claimed that she was feigning injury, and yelled,
"You bitch! Who do you think you are fooling?"
She was kicked around like a soccer ball by the guards but withstood the insults and beatings for about a month. She suffered injuries all over her body while pulling herself up. The sores began to badly suppurate from the infections. She often fainted. She was sent to the sick room but she had to continue her work in the sick room. I was in the same room because I was a paratyphoid patient. One day in August, the camp doctors burned her with heated stones to see if she could feel pain. I could smell flesh burning, and felt like vomiting and fainting. I remembered what the camp official told me when I first arrived at the camp, "You must give up all your rights as a human!" She never felt any pain when her flesh was burning.
From that day on, she could not control urination and evacuation. I was suffering from a high fever myself but tried my best to caress her burnt wounds with the dirty cloth the doctors gave me. She said to me, with a twittered tongue and tears in her eyes,
"I want to see the blue sky. You know my children are waiting for me."
The next few days, I felt very sick and was unconscious myself, so nobody looked after her as she kept moaning.
A few days later, I came to myself, crawled to her and removed the cloth from her wound. I was shocked to see the wound full of maggots! She died that night. I shouted to a guard through the small door hole,
"Sir, somebody died here."
The reply was,
"So what? You bitch! Don't panic. Wait until morning!"

UN Resolution a Declaration of War: Pyongyang
North Korea on Tuesday said the UN Security Council resolution over its nuclear test was “a declaration of war" based on a script written by the U.S. The North’s Foreign Ministry in a statement said Pyongyang will be closely watching what the U.S. does and take corresponding measures. It was the first official response from the North three days after the UNSC resolution was passed.

The statement said if anyone uses the UN resolution to infringe the North’s sovereignty, the country will “deal merciless blows to him through strong action,” which seems to refer to the inspection of North Korean cargo permitted under the resolution.
An announcer of North Korea’s state-run Korean Central Broadcasting Station reads a statement from the North Korean Foreign Ministry on Tuesday calling the UN Security Council resolution over its nuclear test is “a declaration of war" and said it was all part of the script of the U.S. and would push ahead with countermeasures, while closely observing the U.S.’s next move./Korean Central Broadcasting Station

US tracking North Korean ship video. 1st video I ever created, anyway audio is from South Korean web site.


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