Thursday, July 06, 2006

Soldier Surprised to see a Special Superior Officer!

The following article appeared in the Omaha World Herald recently. I mention it because the soldier is the son of one of this blogs contributors, Ruzz. This is the second son Ruzz has had serve in Iraq. I am sure he is very proud of the two of them and may we thank them for their service and pray for their safety.

Published Tuesday June 20, 2006
Soldier surprised to see a special superior officer

CAMP SHELBY, Miss. - Spc. Kraig Shaw of Lincoln initially thought his eyes were deceiving him as he entered the Camp Shelby medical records building Monday to clear the way to go home.
In the doorway stood his mom. After a hug, Shaw told his mom he loved her. And while those are not words an enlisted soldier often says to a noncommissioned officer, this was an exception.
Sgt. 1st Class Lynn Barnes is part of a group from the Nebraska National Guard dispatched to Camp Shelby to make sure the demobilization of Troop A, 1st Squadron of the 167th Cavalry proceeded smoothly.
Barnes hadn't told her son she was coming.
Shaw was a late replacement to the unit, arriving in February at its base in Ramadi, Iraq.
If he insisted on volunteering, Barnes had preferred that Shaw be
assigned to one of the other Nebraska Guard units stationed at a safer base. "But she knew that was not going to happen," said Shaw, 20. "I like the Cav."
Shaw likes it so much that he already has volunteered to return to Iraq to serve with the rest of the squadron, which is stationed at Camp Anaconda north of Baghdad.

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