Friday, July 14, 2006

'Black Wedding' Iran and Syria

An appropriate toon for the times via Cox and Forkum. Look for the conflict in the middle east to spiral out of control as Israel doesn't have a choice and Iran and Syria will continue doing all they can to escalate it through Hamas and Hezbollah. Syria being an imminent target of Israel in the short term.

Syria, Iran Seen As Behind Kidnappings
BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - The fighting between Israeli forces and Islamic militants in Lebanon hasn't touched Iran or Syria yet, but many analysts think those countries were the hidden hand behind Hezbollah's capture of two Israeli soldiers.
At the White House and in Arab capitals, the belief is strong that the Mideast's top two hard-line states are playing a dangerous game to increase their influence. However, analysts say it could backfire and weaken Hezbollah, and by extension its two patrons.
``We would be idiots if we believed it was only about the Israeli captives,'' Hazem Saghieh, a senior Lebanese columnist with the London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat, told The Associated Press.
``The issue, at the end of the day, is all about Syria and Iran, and Hezbollah is just giving them more trump cards,'' Saghieh said.
Wednesday's seizure of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah guerrillas came at a time of mounting tensions between the two Mideast powers and the West.
Iran is embroiled in a diplomatic fight with Europe and the U.S. over its nuclear program. Washington accuses Syria of sending insurgents to Iraq, interfering in Lebanon and hosting the Palestinian militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad.Read the rest.


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