Thursday, September 14, 2006

190 Taliban Fighters allowed to Walk Away?

This makes no sense at all, a drone has 190 Taliban in its sites and US army lets them go due to the fact that they were in a cemetery and US rules of engagement do not allow it. Gimme a break, rules of engagement are for countries that follow them not terrorists who have no rules of engagement of their own other than to kill and maim anyone and everyone.
War on Terror: In It to Win It?
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
By E.D. Hill
Yes, you heard it correctly: 190 Taliban fighters were in sight of a U.S. drone when U.S. intelligence officers were told they could not bomb them because they were standing in a cemetery.

The fighters were gathered, close together, to attend a funeral, but soon disbanded and quickly disappeared into the mountainsides. NBC News reports that U.S. Army officers were blocked by the rules of engagement that forbid a missile or bomb strike in a cemetery although, in Iraq, battles have occurred in cemeteries before. Read more.


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