Sunday, February 12, 2006

Welcome To The Site!

Hello, glad your here.
I have been posting here for about a week. But have been mostly a "link whore" the whole time, have not really worked and wrote a post until now. Spent most of online time today categorizing and organizing the links section as well as adding to the side bar so it was not so bare. I thought that was a priority being in the "Blog Title" I advertise the largest variety of links available" I think I have included a comprehensive list of links. Basically it is a "greatest Hit's" from my bookmarked links.
Most Blogs I have seen are pretty one dimensional as far as there links section goes, they lean left or right or are "One Topic/Bland" selection wise. Also most of them tend to have hundreds of links, I intend to keep the links section small, if there are more links/sites than you can visit/read in an hour- there are too many.
Once again-Glad your here, browse and read for awhile and check out the links in the sidebar I am sure you will enjoy many of them!


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